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Prepaid Funeral Plans


A Thoughtful and Practical Legacy

Peace of mind and consideration for family and friends are two good reasons why many Australians plan ahead to meet the cost of funeral expenses. They see it as a sensible and responsible way of leaving everything in order so the financial burden does not fall on those they care about.

A Simple, Straight forward and Effective Funeral Bond

Sureplan Gold is a secure funeral bond investment fund and is much the same as a bank savings account, except that you cannot withdraw any funds after the initial “cooling off” period. It is an ideal vehicle for prepaid plans. Proceeds can only be paid to your nominee, on behalf of your estate on your death.

How it works

1. You contribute amounts either as a lump sum or by regular payments.

2. A bonus (based on fund earnings) may be allocated to your investment annually.

3. On your death, your contribution and bonuses are paid to your nominee to help pay your funeral costs.

How it works

  • Investment security– As the preservation of your funds is the primary objective of Sureplan Gold, the assets of the Fund are currently invested in cash and low risk securities. The actions of the Society are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA), and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • Instant payment to your nominee– Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond pays your nominee your funeral cover (the accumulated contributions plus bonuses) within 24 HOURS of the notification of your death. If a member dies within twelve months of joining any bonuses previously allocated will not be paid.
  • Low cost– there are no entry or exit fees.
  • Solid and reliable growth– A bonus may be allocated to your bond annually, based on the earnings of the Fund. For the 2010, 2011 and 2012 financial years the Fund bonus was 4.7% p.a., 4.7% p.a. and 4.8% p.a. respectively. The allocation of annual bonuses is not guaranteed.

  • Flexibility– A funeral bond to support your plan can be commenced with as little as $20 and have regular contributions from $20. You also can at any time replace your nominee with another person or organisation.
  • Pension Advantages– Sureplan Gold is exempt from both the Income and Assets test for Centrelink and Veterans’ Affairs pensioners providing no more than two funding arrangements are held and together they do not exceed the maximum eligible investment threshold. As of 1 July 2012 the maximum eligible investment is $11,500 and this amount is CPI indexed annually.
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